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NIANTIC ROTARY was founded in 1960 and is one of over 30,000 clubs that comprise ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Dan Miller was the founding president and continued as an active member for more than forty years. The Niantic Rotary Club has always been comprised of members who were interested and concerned about their community. Over the years many community projects have been undertaken for the betterment of East Lyme's citizens. We're a small but very active club. We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m. and end promptly at 1:30. We enjoy fellowship and interesting and informative programs dealing with topics of local and global importance while faithfully adhering to the ROTARY philosophy of service.


Fund-raising to underwrite the club's commitments to the community causes it supports is one of our more important activities. We hold three significant fund-raisers each year: The Niantic Rotary Gala; the Niantic Rotary Golf Tournament, and the Niantic Rotary food booth during Celebrate East Lyme. These fund-raisers are hard work but also provide the venue for some of the fun and fellowship that flows from working together in a shared purpose. Each year, our goal is to raise over $30,000 for service projects.


In 2009-10, under the leadership of President Donna Gada, the club was successful in placing a four-sided clock on Main Street in what is called the Rotary Crossing.  The Rotary International Logo is on all four faces of the clock and the Four-Way Test is around the base.  The clock is lighted and has chimes and music available.

In 2010-11, under the leadership of President Alan Wilensky, the club donated a portion of its funds to the improvement of the playscape at McCook's Park.

In 2011-12, under the leadership of President Susan Wheeler, the club donated a portion of  its funds to the erection of an electronic sign to be placed at Flanders Four Corners.

In 2012-13, under the leadership of President Tom Thibault, the club donated a portion of its funds to the erection of an electronic sign at the entrance to East Lyme High School.

In 2013-2014, under the leadership of President Dan Cunningham, the club donated a portion of the funds to the development of Producing Hope. This community based project has a goal of supplying fresh produce to organizations such as Care and Share and Gemma Moran.

In 2014-2015, under the leadership of President Linda Manwaring Griffiths, the club donated funds to continue its support of Producing Hope. The Niantic Rotary Club received the Edward Osterman Most Outstanding Small Club Award for the district, being chosen from over 60 clubs. The Club won the Outstanding Community Service Award for its work with Producing Hope. Club member Susan Wheeler was chosen for the prestigious Donald A. Adams Outstanding Rotarian Award for her all-around contibution to Rotary Service on the club and district level. The Interact Club, under the leadership of President Kristen Foster, received a Presidential Citation at the District Conference and Kristen was the first ELHS Interact President to be given a Paul Harris Award. The Club received District Citations for Vocational Service, Community Service, Public Image and Youth Service.


The following is a list of those who have led our club since its chartering in 1960:


From To   President Dist. Governor
1960 1961   Daniel L. Miller III Gilman C. Gunn, Sr.
1961 1962   Frank E. Arioli Charles G. Grisham
1962 1963   Dr. Joseph P. Castagna Carl D. Smith
1963 1964   Thomas N. Cairns Albert H. Ruwett
1964 1965   George E. Slater Marcel Corbat
1965 1966   Paul G. Zaehringer David B. Mylchreest
1966 1967   Harold Summerscales Walter C. Wardner
1967 1968   Raymond H. Bartlett Norman K. Parsells
1968 1969   Samuel J. Burke David I. Lieberman
1969 1970   Christian Bayreuther III Harold S. Greenbaum
1970 1971   Walter C. Rice, Jr. Richard H. Miller
1971 1972   Donald C. Lathrop Francis J. Merkle
1972 1973   Rene C. Provost Hilton C. Buckley
1973 1974   John P. Lanza F. Burton Cook
1974 1975   Richard D. Love Gilman C. Gunn, Jr.
1975 1976   Lawsrence R. Spring John J. Walsh
1976 1977   Grant W. Harris Bernard J. Burns
1977 1978   Michael A. Snitkin Rollin Mettler, Jr.
1978 1979   David G. Holloway Robert H. Knapp
1979 1980   Henry Duefrene Joseph Carlson, Jr.
1980 1981   Ernest N. Busch Bernhardt Erk, Jr.
1981 1982   Harry Slankamp Charles McNeiece
1982 1983   John E. Madsen, Jr. Russell E. Weaving
1983 1984   Timothy Purdy Roy A. Michaels
1984 1985   Russell W. Steele Bernard Boisvert
1985 1986   James H. Pray Theodore Martland
1986 1987   Thomas Thibault Gerard Scarano
1987 1988   Joseph A. Williams Paul A. Falcigno
1988 1989   Edward Blonder George C. Brower
1989 1990   Joseph Fulton Abraham I. Gordon
1990 1991   Bob Rue Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr.
1991 1992   Richard B. Gada, Sr. Albert B. Ross
1992 1993   Esther Williams Fred F. Alberg
1993 1994   John C. Melia Henry Scopp
1994 1995   Ernie Yeske James Cooper
1995 1996   John P. Lanza John M. Leask, II
1996 1997   Ed Blonder Edward T. Osterman
1997 1998   Mary Harrison Robert Vossler
1998 1999   Dick Robertson Ellen A. Mandes
1999 2000   Bob Rue and Richard C. Benson
      Betty Gran-Hicks  
2000 2001   Betty Gran-Hicks Winston Allen
2001 2002   Dan Cunningham John W. Annick
2002 2003   Jerry Gilstad James R. Lang
2003 2004   Frank Nappi Paul L. Burns
2004 2005   Jan Blonder Pamela S. Akins
2005 2006   Peter Salomonson Alan R. Hurst
2006 2007   Mary Harrison Charles P. Lewis
2007 2008   Alan Wilensky Ernestine T. Luise
2008 2009   Barbara Crouch Richard B. Benson
2009 2010   Donna Gada Colin Gershon
2010 2011   Alan Wilensky Julianne Reppenhagen
2011 2012   Susan D. Wheeler Kayano Rupwani
2012 2013   Thomas Thibault Brian Amey
2013 2014   Dan Cunningham Rick Bassett
2014 2015   Linda Griffiths Mukund Nori
2015 2016   Deb Fountain Geraldine Tom