Meetings, Speakers, and Socials


We strive to have interesting, informative speakers at our meetings.   Speakers may be brought in by any of our club members, or be a club member sharing business or personal knowledge.   This is an opportunity to gain knowledge, ask questions, offer opinion or have a respectful debate.   We conduct our regular programs at the weekly meetings, also, like Student of the Month and hosting the end of year All Students of the Month and Families luncheon.  


We also like to hold socials where we may meet offsite and/or outside of business hours. We arranged a private tour of the Mystic Seaport Museum, and will be visiting the Lyman Allan Museum of Art soon for a guided tour and lunch. 

We will be pursuing holding an occasional business meeting in the evening for those who work during the day, or can't otherwise make our regular meetings every Wednesday.   Let us know if this would interest you!  Email us at


We welcome everyone into our club, for each member brings their own experience, knowledge, and contribution.  Bring a friend, bring a coworker! 




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